Monday, March 1, 2010

It's All Over :(

Well, the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics have come and gone. Sadly, they are over but frankly I am somewhat relieved. It has been non-stop Olympics at our house and with all the late night watching, I really do need the break! I am so tired, I need a good night's sleep. It is back to regular programming at our house. Family Network for the girls and the Food Network for Mommy! When Gord left on a business trip on Day 2 of the Olympics, I honestly did not think that I would not watch that much without him. But the girls showed so much interest in every event that all our evenings were spent glued to the set. Gord then went on from Arizona to Vancouver for the final 4 days where he luckily got tickets to the 2 semi-final hockey games. He is now back with tons of memories I am sure. A great way to end what started for him on December 10th by carrying the Olympic Torch!

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Wanda said...

They were great though, weren't they? (Especially that last game. Oh man!!)