Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break

Last week was Spring Break for both my girls and I did manage to take a couple of work days off to have an extra long weekend to spend some time with them. I had big plans... you know, do some arts and crafts with the girls, work on some photography, organise our newly renovated cottage. In the end, we spent the entire time at the ski hill. It was a spectacular 4 days with nothing but sun and more sun! People thought I actually went down south after seeing my tan. Upon arrival at the hill, we spent every second outside including every lunch and happy hour too, of course!
Cara-Li and her friend, J, decided that they would like to try snowboarding. So, off I went to organise private lessons for 2 days. Let me tell you, by the time their lessons were over, they were both snowboard experts! Looks like we are adding another winter sport to our household. That means more equipment to lug around... But I must say, I am extremely proud on how well Cara-Li did (and J too!). Naturals at it almost more so than skiing...

After our Saturday at the hill, we were graced with the visit of N & S and their lovely M who came to spend the night with us and ski with us on Sunday. V & J with their lovely SQ & NJ joined us for a gastronomic raclette dinner. Lots of wine was consumed (Gord only noticed the next day upon emptying the receycle bin) and lots of laughs were had. Thanks all for the wonderful visit.

And for another exciting event, Alexia went up the chair lift for the first time this weekend! How thrilled she was to go up like the big people. Once at the top, Gord put a harness on her and she skied down thrilled to be going so fast!


Spring Break Travel said...

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Nat said...

Gord didn't notice how much wine was consumed??? He was right there drinking with us! Anyways, it was a fabulous week-end, thanks for having us over!